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Pin of the Week- August 2nd

I just love this cool DIY from Better Homes and Gardens. I love the paper they used and I love how they made a collage of them on a wall. It’s even cooler that they covered the books too. BHG on Pinterest has a lot of cool pins and boards. Next time we have a party at the house I know what i’ll be making for decor. Maybe I’ll do one of these collages for christmas too. They’d be great going up a stairway! You can see this pin here, and check out my DIY Crafts board on Pinterest here.

Happy Pinning!

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DIY Pet Portrait Instagram Necklaces


Today I have a super cute DIY for you all! I’m going to teach you all how to make these adorable necklaces from your favorite instagram pictures of your pets. This is a super easy craft, and it’s very economical as well. This would be a great craft for a party! You could also make batches of them for holiday gifts for your girlfriends, teachers, dog park friend, etc. If you buy your supplies off of Etsy, you can make these little cuties for about a dollar a piece! I bought all of my supplies from Sun and Moon Crafts on Etsy. You can see their shop here.  So gather your favorite instagrams of your favorite furry friends, and let’s get crafting!


Here’s What You Need:

*1″ Clear Glass Tiles

*Amazing Glaze, craft glaze, or decoupage medium( I used Amazing glaze)

*Jewelry Bails

*Cardstock printed with your images

*Chain, Ribbon, or Cording for hanging




Step 1: Print image sheet- In photoshop elements or a photo editing program reduce down your instagram pictures to a little less than an inch(.0875), then drag them onto a blank 8.5×11 page. Once you have all the images you want on your page, save and print. Now gather all your suplies together. Cut out square pictures.


Step 2: Apply Photo with Glaze- Apply a thin layer of glaze to bumpy side of glass tile. Then place image face down on glazed side of tile and press and smooth out any bubbles. Let dry.


Step 3: Glaze Back of tile- Paint a layer of glaze on the back side of the tile. Let dry.


Step 4: Glue Bail- Place a small dab of E6000 in the top middle of the back of your tile. Then firmly press on a jewelry bail. Let Dry. Finish by hanging on a chain or ribbon, and enjoy!

Don’t you just love them! I love being able to wear my favorite gals around my neck! It’s like carrying a little piece of happiness with you all day! Not only is this such an easy craft, it’s also so economical! Definitely a fantastic craft for keeping or for giving! Hope you all enjoy!

Happy Crafting!


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Pin of the Week- July 19th

Pillowcases by Rose Hip at rosehip.typepad.com

I love to craft! When my daughter Ashlee was little I used to sew all the time for her, and now that she’s grown she does most of the sewing these days. I still love to sew and frequently craft with my girls. One of the new things we are all learning to do is crochet. I saw this pin today and just fell in love with the vintage sweetness of these pillowcases! I am now on the hunt for some fabulous fabric to make the cases with and coordinating yarn to crochet sweet edgings to them. Wish me luck! And you can see this lovely pin Here

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