Sneak peek of “the money pit”

A couple of years ago I was feeling a bit restless as I was now a empty nestor. I loved my home and gardens and everything that Larry and I had created over the 16 years we had been in our home in Apex. I think we had run out of projects there and were doing a good job of maintaining  but it was beginning to feel just that,maintaining. So, we started thinking about what we were going to do going into our golden years so to speak. We seriously kicked around the idea of selling everything and moving to St. Martin and starting a new business there. I LOVE St. Martin but knew I’d miss my kids and friends as well as my clients to much to go so far away. Ashlee sealed  that idea when she announced that we were finally going to be grandparents. So…… I found a new project. I should say huge project. A year later we are still working on it. IMG_20151112_1144444_rewind

I have always loved white brick. I have always loved old homes. The date this was built was 1925 so check that box. And it had TWO sunrooms. I was hooked. That whole front porch had to be torn out and redone. Here is what it looks like now. Still trying to decide on what kind of railings I want.


Here is a view of the porch today,decorated for Halloween. Yes Slim and his dog Pickins made the move with us.


I love the blue slate. This was what was here and it was broke and cracked in many areas.


The steps came out and I chose this look for the risers. I am thinking of black wrought iron railings for the steps and porch. Let me know your ideas.


Look for my post tomorrow when I will share my precious grandbaby Sam’s 1st photo shoot.

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