Apex, North Carolina

We are lucky enough to call 3 different places home. Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina is where we spend most of the year. Of all the places we call home our place here in Apex is probably most dear to my heart. I love vintage and things patinaed with age. Our home here is almost 100 years old and is full of charm and seeped in love through many generations. People have told me over and over again that this would be their dream home and I know it is surely mine. We have purposely built our studio on to our home as an extension to the house and kept the old and vintage feeling in the studio as well. The result is a place  where people instantly feel at home. This is also where we have spent 11 years cultivating a most amazing garden. Private and intimate with so many beautiful areas to choose from in which to have a portrait made that you will find the only difficult part in having a portrait made at Kim Crenshaw Photography is in choosing which one you want. Please feel free to call us and set up a time to come and visit our studio and gardens. You are always welcome.