How to sign up for classes

Here are the directions on how to sign up for a class.

1. Click on the tab for classes and a tab will drop down for BASIC’S CLASS

2. click on Basic’s Class

3.Read the description and see if this is the right class for you then choose a class time from the list available.

4. Go back and click on Classes Tab. You will see a Book It Now button. Click on that.

5. Now you are directed to a calendar. Click on the date for your class.When the date shows up scroll up or down until you find the time for the class. The time is highlighted in blue.Click on the time,you will see no availability on the other times of the day as I only do one class in any given day. Once you click on the time it will take you to the page where you sign up.

6. Click on the highlighted blue area and you will then see the page where you sign up.

If you have any trouble signing up don’t hesitate to call.