Built in 1929 with exacting detail by the first dentist in Apex. The house was moved in 2000 and all the wiring and plumbing updated. Because of the move the home now sits on a much wider and deeper foundation and footings. The roof was taken off to get under the power lines and therefore a new roof was added at that time. The home was brick  had to be removed and was replaced with Hardy plank siding. Insulation was blown into all the exterior wall before the hardy plank was put on. Some of the brick was salvaged and now is a front walkway and back patio.

The house has a rich history. 3 independent films were shot here and one went on to win best drama in the Wilmington film festival for that year as well as awards at the Berlin film festival. Another went to Cannes.

The home is 4600 sq. feet with an additional building on the property that measures 850 sq.ft. There is a historic log cabin as well on the property. The property is 2.8 acres and is surrounded on 3 sides by federally protected game lands. 21 mature crepe myrtle trees line the drive adding a tunnel of white in the summer and a riot of orange in the fall. The garden is patterned after a english country garden. Filled with roses,hydrangeas,peonies,phlox,daisies and many other perennials, it is a gardeners dream.

The photos are beautiful that you see here but to be truly appreciated you must see it in person. CALL today for an appointment for a tour of our home and grounds.919-698-9797.

Asking price $695,000.00

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