Photographing children is one our my greatest joys in life. As they grow beyond toddlers big changes happen. I find the conversations I have with this age group to be so entertaining. Years after a portrait has been taken I still remember the little guy who told me his dog had a polka dotted tongue( and he really did) or the little girl who told me her family secret…. that her daddy was an elf and knew Santa Clause. Sadly it seems all to often today we keep our precious memories of our children on our phones or in computers. For me the portraits I have of my girls(now both grown), are the most cherished possessions I have. They are tangible reminders that take me back on a daily basis to their childhood. To round cheeks and chubby toes,to snaggle tooth grins and braces,to girls growing into young ladies, to young women in beautiful ball gowns: I have captured them all.  You can trust me to capture your best and favorite moments of you children as well. Call me at 919-387-6590 to set up a consultation where we can discuss how you want to preserve your most precious memories forever.



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