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Pin of the Week- August 2nd

I just love this cool DIY from Better Homes and Gardens. I love the paper they used and I love how they made a collage of them on a wall. It’s even cooler that they covered the books too. BHG on Pinterest has a lot of cool pins and boards. Next time we have a party at the house I know what i’ll be making for decor. Maybe I’ll do one of these collages for christmas too. They’d be great going up a stairway! You can see this pin here, and check out my DIY Crafts board on Pinterest here.

Happy Pinning!

Pin of the Week- July 26th

I just love this sweet little birdhouse! The tin roof is so cute! I have several in my garden that are shabby and sweet, and they make me happy every time I see them. I would love to have this one to add to my collection! Image found on Pinterest Here

Pin of the Week- July 19th

Pillowcases by Rose Hip at

I love to craft! When my daughter Ashlee was little I used to sew all the time for her, and now that she’s grown she does most of the sewing these days. I still love to sew and frequently craft with my girls. One of the new things we are all learning to do is crochet. I saw this pin today and just fell in love with the vintage sweetness of these pillowcases! I am now on the hunt for some fabulous fabric to make the cases with and coordinating yarn to crochet sweet edgings to them. Wish me luck! And you can see this lovely pin Here

Pin of the Week- July 12th

This is one of my absolute pins from Pinterest! I love the photograph, it is just lovely. But really the reason why it’s one of my favorites is that I would really love to be there! I have been wanting to take a trip to Italy for years now, Rome, Venice, and Milan, and a dozen or so other cities as well. It looks like such an amazing place to visit with it’s amazing architecture, rich history and culture, and heavenly cuisine. I hope to experience it myself someday!

Pin of the Week- July 5th

When I saw this photograph on Pinterest I was immediately captivated, it’s just so stunning!  The photo is titled Nuthatch Reflection, and was taken by photographer Mark Hancox. Kudos to Mark on capturing this amazing moment! You can see this image and source on Pinterest Here.

Pin of the Week- June 28th

I fell in love with this structure while browsing through Pinterest this week! I would love to have one of these in my garden, it’s so beautiful! I am not sure of the source as it was uploaded straight to pinterest by a user, you can see it here. It looks to me like it was constructed with old windows, the stained glass window on the top really makes this little outdoor room so charming. Maybe one day I’ll have one to call my own in my garden. Until then, i’ll just have to swoon over this one.