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Sailing with Team Tijon

If you read my blog you will notice its been quite a while since I’ve posted. If you know me then you know that I always have a lot to say, it’s just been a super busy time in my life and I don’t typically posts my shoots for privacy reasons. Larry and I have […]

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Photos that inspire me.

Hi Everyone. I thought I would share with you from time to time photos that I have found that inspire me. I love how the artist Ekaterina Efremova captured these beautiful children. From the exquisite lighting, the way they are standing in the frame, to their adorable expressions; I love it all. If you want […]

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The lost Art of Handtinting

Back in the day, before color film was invented artists would hand paint a black and white photo by painting on top of the photo with oil paints to simulate color. I have always loved this technique and learned to hand tint 28 years ago while I was at Memphis College of Arts. One of […]

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Longing for a little ray of sun

This is where I long to be today. Who else is tired of all the cold and wet this winter? I took these on one of my trips to St. Martin. Larry keeps talking about moving there and with a winter like we have had this year, I have to say it seems very enticing.

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Happy Halloween

We love decorating for Halloween and really enjoy seeing little ones all dressed up in their princess and pirate costumes. Sadly,though since we are not in a neighborhood we do not get many trick or treaters. So today when Larry jokingly  said why don’t we dress up the dogs and take photos of them, I […]

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Giving Thanks by Giving Back

  This is the time of the year when we reflect and give thanks. I find that I have so much to be thankful for. I have 2 amazing daughters and a wonderful son-in-law who are healthy and happy. I have a kind and loving husband of 23 years who is my best friend and […]

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Paradise Found Again

I recently had the good fortune to spend a month in St. Martin. We went down to shoot a wedding and stayed a few extra weeks. Hannah was with us this trip and we just enjoyed hanging out with friends on the beach most days. I really did not bother to take my camera with […]

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Spring Trip to DC.

It’s hard for me to believe I am  here in Washington DC. this week with my “baby” my youngest, looking at universities. Cliches can be so trite and the one “They grow up so fast”, is one we as parents seem to say all the time, but darn it, it is so TRUE! I can […]

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Corn and Tomato Scramble

This is one of my favorite things to make in the summer when the tomatoes from the garden and ripe and fresh! This tomato and corn scramble is really easy to make and is super delicious! It is fabulous as a side, or even on it’s own for a light lunch or snack. It would […]

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Pin of the Week- August 2nd

I just love this cool DIY from Better Homes and Gardens. I love the paper they used and I love how they made a collage of them on a wall. It’s even cooler that they covered the books too. BHG on Pinterest has a lot of cool pins and boards. Next time we have a […]

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