About Kim

It all started with a simple question. What do I really, really love doing ? The answer was clear. Photography allows me to fully express my creativity and utilize my talent. It allows me to interact and connect deeply with others, while creating magical images from the experience. Images that live on to become cherished family heirlooms.

I believe in miracles. How else can I explain the fact that I am living my dream. I get to do what I love while also bringing so much happiness into the lives of others. This is not my work. I enjoy it to much to call it work. ( Work is the piles of laundry I never seem to get to the bottom of). Instead this is my great passion , my absolute joy.

Without a doubt, the years I spent earning my degrees in both fine art photography and graphic design were essential to developing my own personal style. Some things cannot be taught, however. Like intuition – knowing when to snap the shutter in time to catch a subtle expression, or, the way a little girl curls her toes, or, preserving forever the passionate look on the faces of newlyweds.

My portraits reveal personalities. Relationships between the individuals in the photos become clear. Many people have said they can look at my portraits and feel like they know the people in them. This is one of the best compliments anyone can give me. After all, photography is not about communicating with words but expressions. I hope you will enjoy looking through my galleries. The portraits will tell you more about my work than words ever could.